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Vassiliki Roussou is a Greek accessories-designer and creator of the fashion brand MARIVEE. From an early age she used to craft various accessories along with her mother, either for personal use or as gifts for their friends, receiving enthousiastic feedback for their creations. Over the years her passion and curiosity for fashion, design and styling kept growing and she decided to kick-start her own company in order to make her own way into the world of fashion. Twice a year since 2015, Vassiliki designs and produces a unique variety of jewelry, hats, clothes and bags.

The foundation of MARIVEE’s philosophy is based on the idea “dare to be unique, dream free and spread the love”. A MARIVEE woman is free, liberated, full of confidence and laughter. Our bohemian point of view encourages women to fall in love with their lives. Dare to wear anything you want, combine unexpected colors and fabrics and feel pretty while walking, flirting, smiling, loving and living in it.

MARIVEE products are handcrafted in Greece. Real leather, precious stones, unique fabrics, textures and surprising combinations form the brand’s character. All made with a lot of personal care and high quality, for a unique and confident woman, manifesting Vassiliki' s unique point of view, as well as her hidden gems collected from every country she’s been at.

Designed to last through seasons, MARIVEE aims to become the most essential part of your styling routine. You will always come back for a drip of magic and liberation, won’t you?


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